Kathy Salem
Chinese Brush Artist

Helping others has been Kathy Salem's mission for more than 30 years. In 1998, she was named volunteer of the year for the Akron Jewish Community Center.Kathy's present focus is helping organizations generate funds. She produced two successful fundraising-concerts for Akron Children's Hospital along with jazz and classical music concerts with a Cleveland-based production company. Kathy received the Northern Ohio Live award for the most original new concert series.

Kathy has been Chinese brush painting for 15 years studying under leading Chinese brush painters Ning Ya; Professor Ju of Princeton ; Edythe Newbourne of Marco Island, Florida; and Chen Wa Chen.

Kathy's love for trees and flowers as a medium comes from her love of gardening and the outdoors.






“The peaceful process of brush painting is a great reward to me. The abstract form and my love for nature have given me my painting style.”

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