A musicians’ life is one of a road warrior. The time it takes to get from show to show
can be a lot more than some musicians bargain for. Traveling from gig to gig
entertaining fans is amazing, but it comes at a price. The price is the travel. Finding the
headspace in all that travel to create and write new music can be daunting. Nashville
musician Ben Danaher seems to have found a formula for success. Behind the wheel
of his 2007 Chevy Express, with over 250,000 miles on it, Ben travels the states
playing his music and using the time on the road to create the songs he sings.

Originally from Huffman, Texas, Ben comes from a musical family and grew up knowing
the road. The open road creates the calm and focus that can bring a great song to life.
For Ben, the 2007 Chevy Express is the best of all worlds. The van is a way to get form
gig to gig, a place to work on music, and can double as a make-shift hotel room when
travel does not allow the luxury. Danaher’s says that the van has taken on a life and
persona of its own. The van has been feature in Danaher’s press, music videos and
social media posts. Having successfully toured in the Chevy for so long, fans recognize
it at shows and pay homage to the van that moves the man.

Drawing on the influences of legendary songwriter/musicians like Guy Clark, Rodney
Crowell, and Townes Van Zandt, Danaher came to the music scene as a songwriter in
his home state of Texas before pulling stakes and moving north to Nashville,
Tennessee. Danaher released his debut album “Still Feel Lucky” in September 2018 to
critical acclaim. “Still Feel Lucky” is being described as a soulful, heartfelt and
memorable country rock album. This is Danaher’s roots and it comes out clearly in the
well constructed songs. Danaher has been featured in Rolling Stone and continues to
sell out shows around the nation.

The unsung heroes of the music world are the thousands of musicians and vans that
are packed up, beat down, and brave the open road to pursue the dream. Ben Danaher
shows no signs of wear or tear but admittedly the van does have a few blemishes. Visit
www.bendanaher.com to see tour dates and locations and Ben’s newest videos.

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