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If you’ve seen the Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, you remember the famed comedian requesting, “Ralphie, play me some tunes!” before commercial breaks. Gaining fame for being the Tonight Shows saxophonist, Ralph Moore has quickly become one of the highest ranking jazz saxophone players of our time. 

Ralph Moore was born in London, England to a music-loving mother and father. By age 14, Moore had decided on playing the tenor saxophone after trying out numerous other instruments. In the 1970’s he attended the Berklee College of Music before beginning his professional jazz playing career by touring throughout Scandinavia in 1979.

Following his successful Scandinavia tour left him with a growing fanbase and new opportunities, Ralph Moore moved to the state of New York the year after. In 1981 he joined the famous American jazz pianist Horace Silver’s band. Moore traveled with Silver on numerous tours, with stops throughout Europe and even Japan. The band also made various recordings during their time together.

After leaving Horace Silver’s band, Moore played with other well-known jazz musicians and bands, including:

  • Roy Haynes
  • Darrell Grant
  • Dizzy Gillespie’s reunion band
  • Freddie Hubbard
  • Gene Harris

Determined to record his first album, Moore did just that in 1985 with his first with Reservoir Records in. His time with Reservoir proved to be so influential that he later recorded for Landmark, Criss Cross, and Savoy.

Moore’s popularity rose to an unprecedented level in 1995 when he joined Kevin Eubanks’s band for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He played with the band from 1995-2010, giving him the opportunity to play alongside even more music legends like Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney.

When Leno’s stint with the Tonight Show ended, Ralph Moore shifted his focus back to his professional and touring career. His first post-Late Show concert featured pianist Eric Reed, bassist Mike Gurrola and drummer Willie Jones III and sold-out every seat available. Ever since, Ralph Moore has been traveling, touring, recording and playing his lavish saxophone skills across the continental United States and the world.


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  1. Lorca Hart Trio with Ralph Moore 10:00
  2. Lady Bird Joe Magnarelli; Featuring Ralph Moore 6:32
  3. On a Misty Night Joe Magnarelli; Featuring Ralph Moore 5:59
  4. Bula Beige Joe Magnarelli; Featuring Ralph Moore 6:47


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