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What Sets Night Is Alive Apart?

Night is Alive is a unique business. It is a combination management and production company devoted to pursing new ideas that will keep its music and artists relevant in the modern age. It is made up of a small team of individuals from all walks of life, with multiple degrees of musical experience, who all love jazz and want to bring the best music possible to listeners. Night is Alive’s dedication to successful content creation and high standards for campaign execution continues to set it apart in the industry.  

Experience In Success

Night Is Alive has over a century’s worth of total experience within it’s ranks. Creative Directors, Art & Design, Marketing & Management — we’ve done it all, and we’ve done it well.

WJ3 All-Stars

Tour of West and East Coast Florida

Willie Jones lll All-Star Band

  • WJ3, leader/drummer
  • Eric Reed, piano
  • Gerald Cannon, bass
  • Ralph Moore, tenor saxophone (formerly in the Tonight Show Orchestra with Jay Leno)
  • Terell Safford, trumpet
  • Robin Eubanks, trombone (formerly in the Tonight Show Orchestra with Jay Leno)

Ft Lauderdale
Standing room only: 425 tickets sold
Performance Stats

  • Standing room only (425 seats)
  • Tickets sold at regular $54 price
  • Only half were season series tickets (good for 7 shows, one per month)

Ft Myers
225 tickets sold, room size 300
Performance Stats

  • 225 of 300 tickets sold
  • Tickets sold at regular $45 price

Blu Jazz+ in Akron, OH

Harry Allen Quartet

  • Harry Allen, leader/saxophone
  • Bill Cunliffe, piano (Grammy award winner)
  • Joel Forbes, bass
  • Kevin Kanner, drums
  • Rebecca Kilgore, vocalist

Performance Stats

  • 130 tickets sold at $35 each

Celebration of Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday (2015)

  • Houston Person Saxophone Quartet (with local musicians)
  • Bill Cunliffe Trio
    Bill Cunliffe, leader/piano
    Martin Wind, bass
    Joe La Barbera, drums

Blues Alley in Washington, D.C.

Four (4) different musicians, each with two sold-out shows on Wednesday evenings.

  • Terell Stafford, trumpet
  • Willie Jones III (two different nights)
  • Harry Allen, saxophone joined by
    Eric Alexander, saxophone
    Gary Smynulan, saxophone
    Grant Stewart, saxophone
  • Harry Allen, saxophone joined by
    Rossano Sportiello, piano
    Kevin Kanner, drums
  • Russell Malone, guitar

Performance Stats

  • 130 tickets sold at $35 each

Dirty Dog in Detroit, MI

Willie Jones III Quintet

Two nights, two sold-out shows each night.

Performance Stats

  • 110 tickets sold at $120 each

Lakeland College Jazz Festival in Kirtland, OH

Ralph Moore (From Jay Leno’s Tonight Show)

  • Ralph Moore, tenor saxophone/leader (formerly in the Tonight Show Orchestra with Jay Leno)
  • Xavier Davis, piano
  • Rodney Whitaker, bass (Head of Jazz studies at MSU)
  • Sean Dobbins, drums
  • Other members of the rhythm section from Michigan State Jazz Department

Performance Stats

  • Sold out show – 235 seats

The Bakery in Los Angeles, CA

Willie Jones lll All-Star Band

  • WJ3, leader/drummer

West-Coast Florida Tour

Harry Allen Quintet with vocalist Rebecca Kilgore

Seven (7) shows in eight (8) nights; sold out/full house for every performance.

  • Avon Park FL
  • Vero Beach FL
  • Port Charlotte FL
  • St. Petersburg FL
  • Ft. Myers FL
  • Sarasota FL
  • Venice FL


Kathy Salem has managed Jazz All Stars

  • Harry Allen, saxophone
  • Bill Cunliffe, piano
  • Willie Jones lll, drums
  • Ralph Moore, tenor saxophone
  • Gary Smulyan, bari saxophone
  • Terell Stafford, trumpet
  • Donald Vega, piano


Gig Monster is an original app that Kathy Salem started working on in 2018. It was conceptualized based on her knowledge of musicians’ needs. Ms. Salem would often receive emergency phone calls looking for musicians to fill last-minute vacancies.

When thinking about all of the steps involved with this method of finding replacement players, Ms. Salem decided that she wanted to come up with a way to connect musicians efficiently and easily. And that is how the idea for Gig Monster was born.

Gig Monster is a large social media platform app meant to be used as a directory to connect musicians. Ms. Salem created the native app for iPhone and Android with companion desktop app use. She was solely responsible for all directions of data, and populated the index for all venues and music stores in the US. There are currently 460,000 in the Gig Monster database.

Night is Alive Charity Performances

Night is Alive is passionate about giving back to the community and has presented multiple charity performances over the years.

Three (3) performances for Akron Children’s Hospital

  • Russell Malone Trio
  • Harry Allen Quintet with vocalist Rebecca Kilgore

Temple Israel Donor Appreciation event

  • Bill Cunliffe, leader and piano
  • Bill Cunliffe Big Band with vocalist Jane Monheit

Two (2) performances for Akron Jewish Community Center

  • Willie Jones III All-Star Band
  • Blues Concert, Lauren Mitchell leader and vocalist

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

  • Art show and jazz performance
  • Ms Salem accomplished Chinese Brush Artist
  • Gerald Cannon International Jazz Bassist and abstract artist
  • Music by Mr Cannon and Local Jazz guitarist Dan Wilson

Night is Alive Lecture: Management and the Musician’s Life

Kathy Salem has given multiple presentations at universities about her career and what it means to become a professional musician in today’s fast-paced world.

Florida A&M University, 2019
Ms. Salem collaborated with Robert Griffin, Head of Jazz Studies, to speak to an audience of 175 students. The original lecture was scheduled to last 45 minutes, but questions from the interested and engaged audience caused the lecture to last 3.5 hours (from 1:00pm-4:30pm). One of the University’s professors, Daryll Tokes, told the students: “listen to her – she knows what she is talking about.”

UCF Orlando
Ms. Salem collaborated with Jeff Rupert, Head of Jazz Studies, to speak to an audience of 50 students. The original lecture was scheduled to last 45 minutes, but questions from the interested and engaged audience caused the lecture to last 2 hours. In addition to the students, Ms. Salem presented to the entire music staff.

In both cases, Ms. Salem was invited back to speak again with the hope of even more music students attending her lectures.

Topics Ms. Salem discusses are universal, not just specific to the music industry:

If you’re on time, you’re late.
“You know time; you can keep time; so show up on time.”

Dress professionally.
“First impressions count. Make sure yours is a good one.”

Keep your promises.
“Don’t say something unless you mean to follow through.”

It’s not what you know, but who you know and what they think of you.
“Don’t be arrogant. Play well with others on and offstage! If people don’t like working with you, you won’t be hired a second time.”

Remember your third grade teacher.
“Write with good grammar. Remember your manners. Think back to those elementary school lessons and always put your best foot forward.”


With over a century’s worth of collective experience, Night Is Alive is a team of diverse and complimentary artists, managers, and problem-solvers. We built our team with end-to-end project management in mind. From booking and planning, to design and execution, we cover every facet of a job. 




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