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How-To Assemble your Lovers and Love Songs Cut-Out

Lovers and Love Songs is a sound track for the loves we’ve know, the ones that got away, and those we forgot. Our story followed to star-crossed lovers whose ships always seemed to pass in the night until one evening in New York City. As part of your purchase of the limited edition vinyl, you also received your very own apartment cut-out to put you in that New York state-of-mind as you listen to the WJ3 All-Stars.  Luckily, this apartment costs a lot less to rent than it’s real-world counter part. It’s also easy to put together!


The only supplies you’ll need is some tape and maybe a glass of wine or any other suitable beverage. Begin by folding the walls, table and bed along their pre-folded edges. Once folded, use tape to secure the edges together. We recommend a double-sided tape applicator, but regular Scotch brand or similar tape will do the job just as good!


Once you’ve folded and taped the room, bed and table together, it’s time to set up your new pad! There are small slots cut into the walls (easily seen from the back side of the room) where you can insert the tabs for the posters and guitar. You’ve also got a record player, some records, notes and other small things you can place however you like – after all, this is your room now!


Don’t forget to take a picture of your assembled and furnished paper apartment. Once you get a photo you’re happy with be sure to share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #loversandlovesongs. We’ll find some of our favorite rooms and highlight them.