"Lovers and Love Songs by the WJ3 All-Stars is one of my favorites!"
John Arvish
Lovers and Love Songs is a distinguished collaboration written and performed by several of the jazz industry’s top musicians. This collection of heartwarming melodies is the soundtrack to a modern-age love story that swept the web prior to the album’s release. Though you may have forgotten about these iconic tunes before now, they have been brought back to life in a new and inspiring way by Willie Jones III and his All-Stars. Join these world-class artists on a romantic journey through the ages and discover your own personal love story, the music a backdrop to your imagination.

After selling out two concerts in Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers, FL, Ms. Salem suggested bandleader Willie Jones III and his All-Stars take their performances to the next level and create a studio recording. The group, made of big-name bandleaders in their own right, so thoroughly enjoyed playing together that they agreed, thus leading to the birth of Lovers and Love Songs.

Along with Willie Jones III (drums), the album features Terell Stafford (trumpet), Ralph Moore (tenor saxophone), Donald Vega (piano), Steve Davis (trombone), and Gerald Cannon (bass). Eric Reed (piano) and Robin Eubanks (trombone) were involved with the two live concerts but were unable to record.

The excitement felt by the musicians was almost tangible in the studio, revealed by the following first-hand comments Ms. Salem documented during the recording process:

“One of the best recordings I have made in the past ten years.”
Ralph Moore
“So relaxed and smooth.”
Terell Stafford
“This is my first time playing with the band - what fun!”
Donald Vega


  1. Jitterbug Waltz WJ3 All-Stars 7:20





Lovers and Love Songs is the soundtrack to a love story for the modern age. Two people with a long and stormy relationship that takes them from the deserts of the Rio Grande, to the fictitious river banks of the Cry Me A River, to the very real, jazzy streets of New York City. With a history of passing and colliding, will their ships ever set sail together for a final voyage, or are they locked in a spiral that will never culminate? The story is for you to tell, and the music is the backdrop to your imagination. 



It all started with an obscure card found in many strange places across many different locations; bar tops, tables, bathroom sinks, bus stops, and hotels, from California to New York, this little card traveled endlessly and found it’s way into people hands. The little note on the back? Well, that was up to you to figure that out, and boy did you ever. 

For those who did decide to go down the rabbit hole, their first stop was at an obscure website for The Rio Grande Diner, who boasted, “The Best Food In The Middle Of Nowhere.”

Not much is known about the RGD other than it was a place two young lovers would frequent. 

If you waited long enough, a small hint would appear on the Rio Grande website that lead you to our female protagonist’s Instagram: Neverbeeninlovebefore.

Here is where we got to know our first actor a little better. Roberta is a young, vibrant woman who has ever known only one true, great love in her life. A man named Colin, who loved her the same. For whatever reason, however, their romance never seemed to coalesce.


After following the Instagram account for several weeks, you would have been filled in with some of the backstory which would culminate in a new revelation: a hotel confirmation. What exactly did this mean? Those who studied the image closely would be able to discern a new web address and that address led them to the Cry Me A River Hotel. Here users could even sign in and watch some of the events unfold as the check in date grew closer. 

Our last step sent users trekking through forests, investigating audio files and decoding binary and base64 snippets. The end result would lead them to the twitter profile of our Male protagonist. Colin, a young man from the west with commitment issues, would soon regret his decision to leave our stranded at the Cry Me A River Hotel. Inundated with his own second guessing, he goes back online to locate the woman he stood-up.

Following Colin’s trail, the user ends up in the music forum, “From This Moment On.” This is a place where industry insiders and newbies discuss all things songful. Colin reaches out to the folks on the forum to see if they know the where-a-bouts of the lady he left behind. It’s not long before someone recognizes the person he’s looking for and point him in the right direction. 

Connected again through social media, Colin and Roberta, attempt to work things out. One more chance is given and a date is set. The question is, how does it end? Is love eternal without bonds, or can it be forgotten and left to history?

The one thing that is certain is the music, the sound track to our love story, is very real. Crafted by truly legendary jazz musicians, the WJ3 All-Stars, the album Lovers and Love Songs provides the perfect backdrop for any evening when romance is either within arm’s reach, or a million miles away.

You can buy the album directly at the Night is Alive Online Shop. The new album is also available on streaming and online retail services such as Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many more!