DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – Lovers and Love Songs by the WJ3 All-Stars


  1. Cry Me A River - 30Secs 0:30
  2. First Time I Saw Your Face - 30Secs 0:30
  3. From This Moment On - 30Secs 0:30
  4. Gee Baby - 30Secs 0:30
  5. Here's That Rainy Day - 30Secs 0:30
  6. I'm An Old Cow Hand - 30Secs 0:30
  7. I've Never Been In Love Before - 30Secs 0:30
  8. Jitterbug Waltz - 30Secs 0:30

Lovers and Love Songs is a distinguished collaboration written and performed by several of the jazz industry’s top musicians. This collection of heartwarming melodies is the soundtrack to a modern-age love story that swept the web prior to the album’s release. Though you may have forgotten about these iconic tunes before now, they have been brought back to life in a new and inspiring way by Willie Jones III and his All-Stars. Join these world-class artists on a romantic journey through the ages and discover your own personal love story, the music a backdrop to your imagination.


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