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Bill Cunliffe has earned his reputation for one of best jazz pianists today, period. Not only is he a respected author, but Cunliffe has composed a Grammy-winning album and arranged some of the greatest jazz ensembles ever created. Still highly sought after by club owners and patrons alike, it’s clear to see that Cunliffe is a piano master for a reason.

Night is Alive Playlists

  1. Tune For Mr. T Night Is Alive 5:15
  2. Hudson River Wind Night Is Alive 4:39
  3. Always On My Mind Janis Siegel 5:16
  4. Jitterbug Waltz WJ3 Allstars 7:00
  5. From This Moment On WJ3 Allstars 6:27
  6. First Time I Saw Your Face WJ3 Allstars 4:53
  7. Discoveries Lorca hart Trio 6:18
  8. Introspection On The 401 Lorca hart Trio 6:34
  9. Blues Alliance Lorca hart Trio 5:23


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