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Cryin In My Whiskey Country Classics with a twist of Jazz NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW REDISCOVER AND
Colors of Jazz COLORS OF JAZZ The New Album By The Lorca Hart Trio - Featuring Ralph Moore AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD NOW "Vibrant... Jazz at its best." — Edward Blanco
All About Jazz
Lovers and Love Songs LOVERS AND LOVE SONGS The New Album by the WJ3 All-Stars Available Now Record Store Day RECORD STORE DAY Help Us In Supporting Local Record Stores and Independant Musicians LEARN MORE

We are avid music fans dedicated to recording and producing the best in jazz.

Night is Alive is a celebration of the most venerated genre in music — Jazz. We are a new-school production company championing old-school music.


Night is Alive was founded on the principle of progressing the world of jazz through promotion and collaboration. We are devoted to pursuing new ideas that will keep our music and artists relevant in the modern age. We have represented several of the jazz industry’s highest-ranking artists to date, from Grammy Award winners to well-respected educators. Our specialists have produced digital content and physical applications to promote these clients and connect with as many individuals as possible. Our dedication to successful content creation and high standards for campaign execution has led Night is Alive to become a premier publication agency in the world of music.

We offer modern campaign branding for album releases, event promotion, and social media.

Nothing drives online engagement more than creativity and engaging content. 

From head-shots to promotional films and videos, our team can capture long-lasting impressions.

Expertly written articles will drive website traffic and establish industry credibility.


Night is Alive produces high-quality recordings through collaboration with the most intriguing and inventive musicians of our time. From the iconic standards of Lovers and Love Songs to the reimagining of holiday classics in A Dog House Christmas, we are devoted to pursuing new ideas that will keep jazz music relevant in the modern age.


We fill the seats! Representing the most memorable performances in jazz, Night is Alive will work to elevate your brand. We believe that the best service requires a complete understanding of your unique needs, providing the option for customizable individual service packages.