Love Songs to Bring Back the Honeymoon Phase this Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, even the best relationships can become a bit stale over the years. Instead of chitchatting and cuddling before bed, your partner or spouse might just roll over and start snoring. Maybe you no longer surprise each other with flowers and gifts. Or maybe, you find yourself bickering over the little things, like dishes and laundry. No matter what your issue may be, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other anymore. It just means that you’re out of the honeymoon phase and might need some heartfelt intention to bring back the passion, butterflies, and excitement.

And since music is our game at Night Is Alive, we decided that this Valentine’s Day, we would pair four love songs with four pieces of relationship advice that’ll be sure to reinvigorate your long-term relationship. After all, nothing says passion like jazz!

  1. Practice Gratitude – How Sweet It Is To Be In Love by Johnny Hartman

Amid the craziness of daily life—errands, groceries, coordinating schedules—it’s easy to take your sweetheart for granted. It’s easy to forget about all the amazing things your partner does for you, and forget, like Johnny Hartman croons, just how sweet it is to be in love

If you have a journaling practice, add a daily dose of gratitude focused entirely on your partner. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, elevate the positives. Writing affirmations, like, I’m grateful that he cooked dinner tonight, will remind you of all the sweet things your partner does that go unnoticed. 

  1. Compliment Each Other – The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Nothing boosts you up like a compliment from a stranger on the subway, and the same goes for your partner. Those so-called sweet nothings do matter, so take a little time out of your day to remind your loved one how beautiful, smart, or handsome he or she is. And on Valentine’s Day, be sure to pile on the flattery, like Sinatra in his 1964 hit. You’re lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheeks so soft… 

  1. Get Intimate – Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) by Louis Armstrong

As the cleverly-written lyrics point out—birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it—intimacy is a clear route to deepening the love, passion, and connection in your relationship. Uncork a nice bottle of wine, turn on this song and giggle at the innuendos with your lover, then let the sparks fly …

  1. Reminisce – First Time I Saw Your Face by the WJ3 All Stars 

Valentine’s Day is a great time to reminisce on when you met your sweetheart. Whether it was love at first sight or a game of hard-to-get, your story is sure to bring smiles and laughs! Like the WJ3 All Stars convey so beautifully in this song, the first time you saw your lover’s face was an unforgettable moment, so be sure to cherish it.   

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This post was written by Blog Editor, Jacqueline Knirnschild.