Booking Alongside Night is Alive

Interested in booking one of our musicians? Have a question about starting a tour with one of our bands? Getting an answer is as easy as sending an email. Below are some frequently asked questions about our booking process and what you can expect while working with Night is Alive.

1. Who do I contact for a booking inquiry?
1. Kathy Salem! Salem is the founder of Night is Alive and the booking agent for all the websites musicians. You can learn more about her here and contact her instantly here. Mrs. Salem can also be reached via her work phone number and email:  330.328.7337 

2. When can I contact?
1. Kathy Salem is in the office generally from 7 in the morning to 10 at night. She also works 7 days a week; meaning there isn’t a bad time to give her a phone call or an email!

3. How much does booking a gig cost?
1. We book from $500 to $20,000. Price depends mainly on the size of the band and the headliners you are requesting. We will always find the price and band size that works best for you! Never hesitate, our prices accommodate your requests.

In addition, those looking to hire a musician to teach private lessons, master classes or even jazz camps are certainly able to do so. Prices vary for these services, so don’t hesitate to inquire about any educational service you would like to offer. Again, our prices accommodate your requests.

4. When can I expect a reply?
1. Within 24-36 hours! Mrs. Salem gets emails sent straight to her work-only smartphone. Chances are if she hasn’t contacted you yet, she is checking with her musician’s schedules to verify that your request could be met.

5. Will I be getting a phone call or an email?
1. The first contact will be a phone call. However, we can contact another way if you request so in your first message!

Have another question or want to book a gig? Head over to our Contact Page and submit your inquiry to receive a prompt follow-up!