What songs should you listen to while gardening?

Yay, it’s finally May! I don’t know about you but my favorite thing about this month is the
beautiful flowers that are blooming left and right. And if you’re a gardener, you’re probably
feeling especially satisfied right about now. There’s nothing like seeing and enjoying the fruits
of your labor. So, while you’re outside admiring and collecting an assortment of crocuses,
daffodils, hyacinths and tulips for a bouquet, turn on these lovely songs. They’ll whisk you away
into a flowery dreamland.

Freddie Hubbard – Up Jumped Spring

Freddie Hubbard, a jazz trumpeter from Indianapolis, had a signature tone that influenced the
new perspectives of modern jazz and bebop music in the 1960s and 1970s. This song comes
from his 1967 album Backlash, which was lauded for its “soulful modernism.” The soft yet quick
trumpet and the dance of the flute in this cheery tune reminds of the bright pansies and violas
that bloom in spring!

Katie Melua – Mary Pickford (Used to Eat Roses)

Inspired by the film actress from the 1910s, Mary Pickford, this light tune is be a pastiche of the
classic silent-film era song “At the Moving Picture Ball” because its rhythm and subject matter is
similar to the 1920 song. The folksy feel and fun lyrics, Mary Pickford used to eat roses / Though
that they’d make her beautiful and they did, / One supposes, will make you want to pluck one of
your own juicy red roses and pop the soft petals into your mouth!

Duke Ellington – A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing

This slow, smooth song from the brilliant jazz legend, Duke Ellington, evokes the buttery
yellows of daffodils and forsythia. Composed by Billy Strayhorn in 1941, this song has
essentially become a jazz standard over the years, and I can see why—nothing is more lovable
than a beautiful flower.

WJ3 All-Stars – Gee Baby Ain’t It Good To See You

Since flowers are lovesome things, then why not listen to a love song while gardening?
Especially a love song about reunion. This jazz standard was written by Andy Razaf and Don
Redman in 1929 and has been reimagined in 2020 by the world-class artists, Willie Jones III,
Ralph Moore, Steve Davis, Terell Stafford, Donald Vega and Gerald Cannon. Let yourself get
swept away by this beautiful love story because gee baby, after the long winter, ain’t it good to
see some flowers again?

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This post was written by Blog Editor, Jacqueline Knirnschild.