If you’re a jazz fan, it is likely you already know what a jazz standard is. If so, good for you! But don’t go anywhere just yet – we have some information you might find interesting later on in this post. If you don’t know what a jazz standard is, this next paragraph is for you, so keep on reading.

A jazz standard is a song that is regularly performed or recorded by jazz artists. Because these songs are played a lot, they are easily recognized by many jazz fans or music lovers in general. Those are pretty much the basics; a jazz standard is simply a popular song that tends to frequently reappear in the repertoires of a wide range of musicians.

The one thing that even jazz fans might not know is that a standard doesn’t have to be written by a jazz composer. A number of jazz standards were originally written for Broadway or Hollywood musicals, or they were Tin Pan Alley songs. In Europe, some standards were even purported to be folk or ethnic songs.

Now that we have determined what a jazz standard is, here are some examples of popular standards all jazz fans should know. Whether you’re new to jazz or a long-time fan, we’re pretty sure you will know some of these songs.

Jazz Standards By Decade

Since there are so many songs out there, we’re going to list a few jazz standards by decade to make things a little easier.

Jazz Standards from the 1920s or The “Jazz Age”

Here are a few popular standards that originated during the 20s.

Jazz Standards from the 1930s

Here are some jazz standards that were written in the 30s.

Jazz Standards from the 1940s

These songs were created during the 40s.

Jazz Standards from the 1950s

These songs came out of the Rock ‘n’ Roll era.

Jazz Standards from the 1960s

Here are a few popular tunes from the 60s.

Jazz Standards from the 1970s and 1980s

These last two decades delivered a handful of hits.

Of course, this is just as small taste of the jazz standards that are out there. So tell us: what are your favorites?

Post by Devon F.

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